Permess Press Release

Permess International and Multistiq expand their business by acquiring Betina Printing & Laminating.

On June 30th, the management of PMQ Holding BV (Permess International and multiSTiQ) acquired Betina BV, a Dutch printing & laminating company.  The two organizations will merge and operate under the umbrella of PMQ Holding BV.

Evert Jan Berenpas CEO of PMQ Holding BV, said that this is a win-win cooperation, allowing Permess access to much needed additional production capacity, whilst filling the available production & machinery capacity of Betina.

Permess International develops, produces, sells, and distributes fusible and non-fusible interlinings to the apparel industry. Production is located in Goor (The Netherlands), Bangladesh and China. Sales and distribution take place via an international network of wholly owned subsidiaries and a network of agents and distributors.

MultiSTiQ develops, produces, sells, and distributes a wide range of base materials for thermal adhesive and pressure sensitive specialty label products. Production, marketing, and sales are organized in Goor (The Netherlands).

In addition to the two afore mentioned market product combinations, Permess & multiSTiQ combine their technology and know-how to manufacture products for the automotive industry, medical and Interior markets, along with lamination processes, these articles are marketed under the name of PMQ Industrial.

Betina Initially started out as a printing and finishing company and expanded into the lamination market. Their products and commission services are used in the leisure & Interior markets, and the automotive industry, Betina also offer a range of lamination processes and applications. Production and sales are also organized from Goor (The Netherlands). Both companies fit well together, and Betina believe that after more than 40 years of independence, now it is the right moment to join forces with Permess – multiSTiQ, according to Hans Ten Voorde Owner-Director of Betina BV.

The activities of Betina will remain in their current well-organized location in Goor, and they will continue with the trade name Betina.  A substantial part of the available capacity within Betina will be taken up with orders from Permess, which could lead to a growing workforce. The agreement will have no social consequences for the employees of Betina.

A nice cooperation between two textile finishing companies in Goor, wherein the free capacity of the one company creates an opportunity for the other to grow.

Goor, 30 June 2023